Neema Software

Neema Software LLC; A registered company in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates since 2015. It is the commercial and administrative hub of Neema Software - a telecommunication & software company based in Göttingen – Germany since 2009.

Neema Software provides superior, fresh and innovative consulting services for IT and Telecommunications, serving both the domestic and international sectors. Acting as liaison between the end-user and the software provider or the carrier; Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of implementation and operation.

Neema Software is operating in the wholesale & retail telecom market of buying and selling voice traffic (from and to) our registered partners. The company has vast interconnection contracts with most of the big known telecom operators and carriers around the globe such as Vodafone, O2, MTN, etc..

Neema Software has established direct link in Africa, Asia, Europe & America with more than 500 international Telecom carriers. Neema Software is one of the biggest wholesale carriers in the region.

Neema Software employ 45 employees across the world, including our headquarters in Göttingen, regional and satellite offices in the US, Singapore and Dubai. Each of these sites is filled with customer care assistants, market experts and engineers skilled to deal with any specific technical issues.

Services on offer

As experts in Voice over IP; Neema Software is one of the pioneers in the calling card business industry worldwide. We provide the customers with the best calling channels and the cheapest prices. Our latest product is our own software application (Orbitcall).

Neema Software is one of the leading suppliers of Software products and VOIP in the international market including:

  • Trunking Gateway
  • Sip Proxy Server
  • Voip Gateway
  • Billing System
  • Sip IVR Server
  • Voip Gateway
  • Termination from A ~ Z
  • WIFI Telephone system
  • CRM System
  • VPN Clientend
  • Softswich Clientend

Our objectives:

  • Achieving optimum targets through professional, dedicated, passionate and quick to respond service & feeding the clients with competent IT services
  • Providing top quality voice telecommunications while maintaining the best prices at the same time
  • Introducing new technologies in the MENA, Africa and Sub-Saharan region
  • Providing companies with good and sophisticated quality of projects flowcharts for its business
  • Providing clients with well-known solutions of software applications & projects consultancy
  • Implementing complete IT projects for companies, Universities and Government institutions

Why Neema Software

  • Reliability - Software designed specifically for the client , you'll get the most quality and maximum performance
  • Cost efficiency - small differences have huge impacts. Why risk it for high priced routes, when you can get very competitive ones.
  • Investment Protection - you and your customers are always satisfied and well protected.
  • Real-Time Reporting - routes with insufficient quality are quickly identified and remedied.
  • Real-Time Pricing - a dynamic rate-management system that provides all relevant information for evaluating pricing.

We are pleased to introduce our new international call rates plan offering some of the best call termination routes at the lowest possible prices. Combined with our 1/30/60 second billing cycle this is another opportunity to make huge savings on international calls.

Neema Software is recognized as having exceptional route visibility, meaning any problems will be rectified at the earliest opportunity.

Satisfied Customers

we focus on:

  • 24Hour Support
  • Strong NOC team
  • best price for retail from A ~ Z
  • smart Voip
  • Live Chat
  • Top Profit for customers

Documentd Software

neema Software & Design is giving full documented install, that installs through or team of the complete software.

Note: All the softwares we provid are tested in all the environment needed, plus we give a complet advice for the whole project.